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In the debate between creationism and evolution, there is this false perception that science and faith are polar opposites, constantly in opposition to each other.

Being a scientist doesn’t preclude you from believing in God, just as being a Rastafarian doesn’t preclude me from writing this article in so-called 'proper' English.

There were many scientists in history who were also creationists, like bacteriologist Louis Pasteur, Joseph Lister, Michael Faraday and geneticist Gregor Mendel.

Evolutionary scientists seem to believe that each new scientific discovery moves us further away from God, when in reality it moves us closer to understanding how our universe was created.

If you think about the God-created scientific laws as a puzzle the size of earth, then each new scientific discovery is just another grain-sized piece of the puzzle in understanding God’s greatness.

Evolutionists claim that there is no evidence that God exists, but you can argue there’s no real evidence for evolution except dubious fossil records.

The timelines evolutionists apply to measure how old the earth is are not measurements but estimates. Their proposed age for the earth, based on rock layers and fossils, is at best a thumb-suck, since no scientists were present to make a direct observation and capture accurate records.

Look, if there really was a steady, progressive evolution of mankind from a simple to complex organism, and bearing in mind that the earth is older than man, then it should stand to reason that there are numerous transitional forms buried beneath the earth’s surface.

But the best archaeological expeditions to date have only managed to unearth bones that look strikingly similar to our own modern-day bones.

Where are all the intermediary fossils that would have been undisputable evidence of our gradual development from a single cell to the fully-developed organisms we are today?

And if we believe evolution to be a continuing process, then why does it seem that we’re so complete in our physical structure, all of our organs, muscles and bones complementing each other within a complete and functional system, all shaped together in a body of near-flawless symmetry?

And if evolution is still occurring, what likely evolutionary adaptation could make the human body a better functioning system than it already is? We certainly don’t need another arm or a leg.

So belief in evolution is as much an act of faith as faith in God. And therein lay the beauty of God’s greatest gift to us – freedom of choice.

When presented with overwhelming arguments on both sides, which side do you choose? Which side makes the most sense?

And that is also where God gave us another great gift – instinct! What does your gut tell you?

And that’s why in a world gripped by fear and uncertainty, your choice becomes that much easier. Take comfort my friend!

Amen brother, I choose the God side. It makes the most sense to me in my gut and in my head. Even if I can't physically prove God's existence I rather want to live my life believing that there is a God than believe we are all alone.

Posted by:
Aubrey (20-Sep)

I have the choice to believe or not to believe, but what benefits do I get from not believing? There is no way my life is improved or made easier or more even difficult by dismissing God. In fact, it provides me with solace that I there is a creator watching out for me, and if I stop believing that then what do I believe in? It just feels right to me and why must I deny it.

Posted by:
Elizabeth (20-Sep)

That's right sister, because it feels right. All we can do in these times is keep the faith and maintain the course to the Promised Land. The Lord will prevail.

Posted by:
Don Lion (20-Sep)

Brother Don, I like what you're doing on the streets, causing a stir in the society. They think they can ignore us and make like our Creator is not out there watching them, and it's up to us to remind them that Jesus lives and stir up the conviction within them. Maybe it will make them feel guilty and they will listen to that voice telling them that the Creator IS ALIVE!

Posted by:
Pastor Jake (20-Sep)

Thank you for the support Pastor Jake. God be with you.

Posted by:
Don Lion (20-Sep)

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