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Cindy Laughs
HEAVEN: Cindy Hart in ecstacy watching The Wizard Of Oz.

After her mother died by a gangster’s stray bullet, Cindy Hart decided that she was going to take revenge.

On gansterism.

And the only way she could think of getting back at this scourge was to stop its seeds from being planted in the most fertile soil – the minds of children.

“I was so filled with hate and vengeance, and I used to express it in negative ways, like acting out at school, giving my teachers grief or yelling at my father.

I kept on asking questions, like ‘why do these things happen?’ or ‘Why do people hurt each other?'

"Growing up, I’d look out my window at 10pm and see children aged 7 to 8 years still walking around. It’s these same children that grow up and walk around at 11pm robbing and killing people. “I wanted nothing less than to change the world, one child at a time!”

It begins when no one’s there for them at 7 or 8 years old. As I grew older, my goal was clear. Cure the cause, not the symptom. And the cause is a neglected child,” she said.

Growing up in a hotbed of violence like Manenberg and experiencing tragedy the way Cindy has usually results in people getting drawn back into that cycle of violence.

But Cindy had too much spirit to become another ghetto statistic. “I wanted nothing less than to change the world, one child at a time!”

And she was well on her way, until Project H halted her plans.

But she’s not bitter at Jasper King and his creation for stealing her thunder. She appreciated that someone with such an abundant of talent was able to step in and uproot society’s weeds so convincingly, which could have easily become a burden for her given how crime was spiralling out of control pre-Project H.

Besides, she has enough drive to direct her energies into many of her other passions.

“Those I’m keeping a secret for now if you don’t mind,” she said.

Cindy Aggressive
TUSSLE: Cindy gives Inspector Sam Hart a piece of her mind.

Being such a strong-willed woman she thought she’d probably never meet a man who could be a match for her. That’s until she and Sam Hart butt heads.

“The Inspector was trying to get another notch on his belt by bullying one of my kids, one of the good guys. I couldn’t allow that.”

“It’s good we met in such a confrontational way; otherwise I wouldn’t have sensed that we belonged to no one else but each other.”
(Click HERE to preview Sam and Cindy's hostile first encounter)

Cindy admits that their relationship got off to a rocky and tumultuous start as they both had serious personal issues that needed hammering out, but they both came to the conclusion that the answer to there internal problems lied with the wisdom through experience they both had to offer each other, and helping each other was what ultimately strengthened their relationship.

“We grew into the ultimate couple. I don’t think there are two people in the world more suited to each other than us. We just fit together perfectly.”


She such a lovely woman, from what she came from and what she did have to go through in her life. she really gives me courage and motivates me in the life. She was like a role model to people who wanted to live right b4 project h came along and she's stillso comited to it. She's very brave.

Posted by:
boereworsmeisie (1-Mar)

She works nearby where I work. She comes into the shop quite a lot. She's quite hot actually, georgeuos! lucky devil that inspector hart ou.

Posted by:
Pieter (1-Mar)

She's just a puppet for Project H revolution, crap, turdfest, whatever!!! They all gonna burn in hell, it says so in da bible and all other religions also say so. people must stop and listen to the old ways or else we all going nowhere fast!!

Posted by:
Smiteth (1-Mar)

Smiteth, is people like u that make us not like the radicals and them all messing up our nu image in the streets and all liek beggars. it's not normal for people to live on the streets en this people think thst god told them this. R they deluded themselves or wot

Posted by:
boereworsmeisie (1-Mar)

I agree with u smitey, they r not deluded, they doing what's right in the eyes of God. God told them to disengage from society and not be a part of something so evil like this society that tosses God in the trashbin. Some of us here in the world believe in them & support them but don hav the courage to do what they do. but i support them 100%, and they are free to do it and they are entitled to their opinion just like me and Jasper king and everyone else. nuff said.

Posted by:
Godfrey (1-Mar)

i think government wants to get rid of them but don't want to be seen as dictorial. just watch, government is just gonna get gatvol oneday and just rid the streets of these radicals, Mugabe-style, like he did with the white farmrs. Just a matter of time, mark thee my words dear posters!!

Posted by:
emeraldboy (1-Mar)

there's like sum rumour going round that they saying she's dead or something. That she was murdered. there's no way that can be true right? whoever is spreading such a vicious rumour is sick and twisted and belong in pre-project h days. Hown can we still have people. Just thinking about makes me want to cry

Posted by:
Cookie (3-Mar)

I also read on this news site that she's dead. i dunno if they legit or wot but this is really sum kind of wak joke. it's probably sum radical trying to destabilise the goodness or wot-not

Posted by:
emeraldboy (3-Mar)

Cookie, don't worry, it's probably just a joke a false rumour. don't worry about it.

Posted by:
Charles (3-Mar)

Nah, guys, looks like its true hey. they just had breaking news on the tv, saying a woman was killed in horizon social clinic, but didn't give more details.

Posted by:
Gary (3-Mar)

Lot's a chicks work at Horizon social clinic. U don know if it's her. Could be another woman. Let's hope its a ugly chick. the world's not ready to lose such a fine specimen like Cindy!

Posted by:
emeraldboy (3-Mar)

Damn straight em! if that bit of loveliness is dead i'm going postal. no, first I'm going to apply for a job at the post office, then go postal.

Posted by:
Pieter (3-Mar)

That has to be an American post office, since it's an american term. U'll need to bet a green card first, then apply to work at a post office, then go postal ;)

Posted by:
emeraldboy (3-Mar)

U people are horrible. A person just died. A woman. Do you know what that means? Nobody has been killed here in the last sixteen months! You guys should be banned, honestly!

Posted by:
Tafadzwa (3-Mar)

I can't believe that she's dead! this is THE MOST HORRIBLE DAY OF MY LIFE!!! who did this?? WHO DID THIS TERRIBLE THING!!!?? what did this poor woman do to deserve this??? We've been living in peace and happiness so long... i just cant believe this was still possible!! what a sad day

Posted by:
boereworsmeisie (3-Mar)

wow, iis actually true!! OMG, is this really happening?

Posted by:
macTHEknife (3-Mar)

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