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religious protest
DIE-HARDS: One of the many protests held by the religious group dubbed The Radicals showing their disapproval of Project H.

They’ve been holding numerous protests against Project H since it first appeared and have vigorously fought to stop the growth of the single most important event in the lives of South Africans.

And now the group has possibly made their most appalling statement ever – that they hail the death of Cindy Hart as a victory for their cause.

No wonder they are being referred to as The Radicals.

“Although we detest this killing, it sends a clear message that Jah (God) is the only way to cure society,” said Don Lion, the group’s most provocative and outspoken member.

“The Project H heathens must turn from their wicked ways and repent, and bring South Africa back in Jah’s favour. For us, this death was unfortunate, but also victorious.”

The resistance against utopia
The radicals presence on the city’s streets has grown quite significantly since the emergence of its initial members, who, in a bold and radical (hence the name) stance against Project H’s impact on society, voluntarily gave up their well-paid jobs and disengaged from active society to live on the streets as vagrants. “For us, this death was unfortunate, but also victorious”

Soon, various professionals from all fields, including teachers and business people together with several respected members of the community began a grassroots movement by leaving their lives behind in protest against a society who has rejected God, many walking out on family and friends and cutting all ties with loved ones who no longer shared their beliefs.

The presence of the radicals has become somewhat of an eyesore on the streets, but government are reluctant to heed the public’s call to take action against them since they believe the Radicals live in a democracy and are free to choose how they live.

As long as their presence is not a threat to the public at large, government says they’ll leave them be for now.

church demolition
HISTORIC: Crowds cheer the demolition of South Africa's oldest church.

Religion gets demolished

Recently, religious groups like the Radicals had to endure widespread demolitions of churches, mosques and synagogues celebrated with triumphant cheers from crowds gathered at the demolition sites.
(Click HERE to preview religion getting demolished!)

Even though hundreds of former pastors, rabbis and imams have volunteered their places of worship for the demolition campaign, Don Lion is clearly not perturbed.

“Bricks and mortar don’t make churches, people do. Wherever there are people of faith gathered, there’s a church!”


What a sad bunch. A blight on an otherwise picturesque backdrop we have going here in sunny SA. Well I guess that's democracy for you.

Posted by:
ocean_drive (20-Mar)

Exactly, democracy in action, which should serve as a reminder to those calling for the removal of the radicals by force! Yes, they're stupid but that's their right and freedom. Unless the problem starts having a detrimental affect on society, Government has no intention of removing them. Even Jasper King has come out and said that the radicals should be free to do what they choose with their own lives. At the moment it's just an aesthetic problem and not even a huge one at that. They seem to be behaving themselves at the moment. (Except for that Don Lion character, he's causing a bit of a storm and probably should be reined in)

Posted by:
severe_crystal (20-Mar)

Yes, Don Lion does seem to be causing quite a stir and becoming problematic while gaining lots of media exposure. His acts of destruction and vandalism are really uncalled for an even though he's spends time in jail, when he comes out he just thinks up another harebrained scheme to cause more disruption. Government is ignoring him for now because he's the only one of the radicals that's so militant and he don't pull stunts very often, but I'm afraid he's going to start mobilising the rest of them at which point it may start to get real ugly.

Posted by:
Mr-Deeds (20-Mar)

Ja mos.

Posted by:
pap_snoek (20-Mar)

Mr Deeds, I'm not sure if we should be worrying about them becoming aggresive. The reason they're out on the streets is because they adhere to biblical principals, and if you're going to be adhering to the bible and Jesus and all that, it's going to have to be peaceful, or else they just contradicting themselves and their faith. In the bible Jesus never was violent.

Posted by:

Ja mary, but what about the muslim radicals, they most likely are fundamentalists, and you know the history of fundamentalism around the world and it's association with terrorism. Right or wrong, that's what people are going to be thinking about. Will they start attacking? If so when? How severe will it be? The rest of us may be peaceful and law abiding and happy, but they clearly have grievances and may want to vent.

Posted by:

But this is not about oppression or about people being marginalised. Apartheid, Israel, Ireland - all those conflicts were about people that felt oppresed and denied their own place under the sun. The radicals have VOLUNTARILY decided to live out on the streets, which means they have no right to be violent. It's there choice. It's not like they don't have homes they can go back to.

Posted by:
Wallace (20-Mar)

Uprising will be the nail in their coffin. Once that happens, government will be forced to take action against them, so they'll be very weary to go that route. At the moment it's just a peaceful prostest, so let's not get our collective panties in a knot, ok?

Posted by:
lekker-soes-n-krekker (20-Mar)

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