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Sam aims gun
TAKING AIM: Sam Hart plots revenge

A reliable source has revealed that Inspector Sam Hart is busy cleaning his gun in preparation to kill his wife’s murderer.

“When the day arrives, I’ll be ready,” remarked Hart about his plan to exterminate the culprit. “Everybody cherished her. Cindy was the love of my life. Whoever killed her must die!”

The investigation is close to producing a suspect, and Hart said it wouldn’t be a repeat of what happened to his mother. “When I was a frail teenager, I watched helpless as muggers shot my mom dead! Today I’m a cop with a loaded gun and an itchy trigger finger!”
(Click HERE to preview the murder of Sam's mother)

But in a society where Project H has reduced the murder rate to zero, why would someone commit such a senseless murder?

“Everyone is saying Project H was supposed to prevent this,” Hart said. “But I don’t give a damn! The bastard’s going to die!”

Not so, says the killer, who plans on making it extremely difficult for the Inspector to catch him.

Slam on the brakes
HIGH-SPEED MISTAKE: Sam brakes hard to avoid a fatal collision

“The hunt for me will be fraught with intrigue, action and suspense,” the culprit said. “Hart says he wants to kill me, but pulling that trigger will be the hardest decision he’ll ever have to make, because when he discovers who I really am, he’ll be too shocked to even think straight, let alone shoot anybody!”

It has been confirmed that the outcome to this drama can only be found within the pages of the Project H graphic novel. For more clues to the mystery, read the articles on this website. However, if it's answers you want, then CLICK HERE.

Also, our source has urged the public that this is a matter of life and death, and that if this saga is to be resolved they must put pressure on their nearest book retailer to get Project H before its too late.

The clock’s ticking!

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