SL Magazine review

October 2009 issue
(Thanks to Craig Wilson and SL magazine)

Once the scorn of the traditional literary establishment, the graphic novel has, in recent years, finally come to be seen as an acceptable form of literary endeavour.

This is, no doubt, in part due to Hollywood having embraced the form and having brought many of the genre’s great works to the big screen. Project H is not only a fantastic example of the creative possibilities the graphic novel presents, but a local one too.

The brainchild of Cape Town resident, Brandon Carstens, Project H is part murder mystery, part thriller, and part science fiction. Set in a South Africa five years from now, the narrative centres on Sam Hart, a police inspector with a tragic past who takes the war on crime extremely seriously and just as personally. The South Africa of the future is one where organised religion has been dismantled, and on the surface it appears to be a change for the best.

But, when tragedy strikes Hart once again, he’s forced to confront a number of dark truths about the new utopia, and find himself having to decide whether or not to kill someone close to him in order to get to the facts beneath the façade.

Lovingly illustrated, well written and poignant, Project H is simply excellent.

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