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We’ve always unequivocally guaranteed the best scenery and climate to foreign visitors, but now there’s one more thing we can unequivocally guarantee – that their visit will be free of crime.

This was the major sentiment expressed by foreign tourists surveyed by a popular international publication recently.

South Africa was voted the best destination to visit anywhere in the world, trumping every European destination as well as the United States and was ranked number one in all aspects such as climate, people, sights, accommodation and most of all safety, which was always our weak spot.

In addition, tourists appreciated that their scenic tours were not marred by the ugliness of poverty, which was the case in the past.

Global praise.
South Africa has received rave reviews from the global community for the way it transformed itself in such a short period of time, all thanks to the impact Project H has had on all aspects of South African society.

Signal Hill vista
Sam and Cindy Hart enjoy a stunning view of Cape Town from Signal Hill in celebration of their five year wedding anniversary.
(Click HERE to preview them toasting to their five-year marriage)

Travel RSA CEO Cheryl Carstens told the Cape News Breakfast Club that recent research results had shown that the news of Project H’s positive effects on the country was the catalyst driving the tourism boom of late.

“South Africa is a desirable place with the highest return rate anywhere in the world. We are now truly a world class destination on par, if not surpassing, the best destinations in the world. We have everything the rest of the world has to offer, and much more,” she said.

It was reported last week that a survey conducted by the Cape Metropolitan University on tour operators from the United States, Australia, Britain, Germany and France has found South Africa is seen as the safest destination anywhere on the planet.

SA tourism setting records
Carstens said that there were no drops in the allocation of airline seats in the low season compared to the high season, meaning visitor traffic is high all year around, which is good news for the economy and employment.

She said Cape Town can now market itself on absolute safety as well as stunning beaches and the V&A Waterfront.

Tourism Minister Klaas Oosthuizen said yesterday that South Africa is the first country in history to have gained such phenomenal increases in market share in such a short space of time.

“South Africa has defied gravity. Tour operators are reporting that our country alone is responsible for a record-breaking financial year for the global tourism industry,” Oosthuizen said.


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